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</script>                                                                           (First Cousins Edutainment Introduce : 500 super hilarious(crisp & clean) Rhyme & Poetry systems And 500 Highly effective Agenda & Planning solutions.    (Over 25 fully loaded exciting color and Text pages with Mega pictures & Super Informative Information. (High-tech and Ordinary Subject Formats each range from one sentence to a paragraph each.  (All are futuristic systems that come with a  Money back Warranty (Information you will use for years.)  Excellent for a serious agenda person and the perfect Gift that will keep on adding better solutions that make a difference for only $ 20 by purchasing on store page .(Start or continue building your success) .  If you are going to understand success and controversy you must be taken to the edge but remain on the clean side.


Hello and welcome:  We certainly hope that you are having a good day.  Our job and goal is to directly connect you with solid resources, knowledge, tools, people, information, networks, customized entertainment & Agenda , planning, and premium universal service systems.  Our top priority is to help you to get the highest percentage of success possible now and in the future.  We achieve this by using proven research with honest data along with tough facts.  As we highly focus on what works for each  individual or group with integral accommodations. Our 20 total  years of dedicated Award winning customer service is a proud way that we intend to get better at perfecting long-term success.  Because attitude makes and matters as agendas move forward.  


 Goal and priority:  FCE 500/500   will enable you a major push forward.  (Everyone will  sincerely and authenticly enjoy as a super added value.)

You will reach the tip of the Success Iceberg.    Your Entertainment, Sense of humor, Complete Agenda & planning solutions will widen on a solid formation that builds a strong foundation for Mega Future options.

You always get Direct Super Information (Ready for you to unravel and be seriously focused on all parts, to find Truthful Solutions and Facts that help you make better choices.     

Tools and talk Forum:  (You actually thought that for Some Reason your Entertainment and Agenda Building were packed up like the Plum Season.)  

The App and systems are a  super powerful tool that will help you to Analyze, Process, Utilize, and   Use New Techniques like never before.

 Sample Units:  

 The CPU back- up unit system kicked in on Schedule.                                

 “Uh” See-p2 stack up tune-it & List`Um Ticked when Vaughan  Lead-U-Weld.  

Enjoy the Fruit of your Labor!!! “Go Ahead” Toot at your Neighbor!!!

 A Buck arose out of the Coy Beans.  WAY CHUCK oppose clout of the Malloy seens.

“OOH  HE” Insinuated the Cool room. “Woo Wee” Then-he-Stated “Uh” Fool to Whom. 


Four step process planning system:

 Assess needs, Set goals, and Make a plan and Take Action. (Your success with FCE 500/500 builds as your confidence grows.)

 Set Goals:  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Related.

Cutting expenses: Pack Lunch, Use public library, Choose free recreational activities, eat out less, you do some home repairs, Utilize free activities.

Love, Happiness, Respect and Security. (Needs To always be a Discussion about These subjects.

(Emotions and finance) Anger: (Get emotional and spend unnecessary money.)    

Guilt: (A person feels guilty and they mishandle finances.)  

Jealousy and competition: (A person buys something or purchases someone else something just because another person has that same item. That is money that did not have to be spent.

Depression: (A person has seen things that were not essential to their life but they go into a depressed state because they can`t get the items or resources. 

Joy:  A person celebrates by purchasing something that they don’t need.  

 (Take the Resource control test.)  If its in your hands or within your reach and you  want to successfully access &  hold on truthfully how do you manage?? Common example of what happens:  Be honest to yourself or anyone that takes this test must be honest.  Stand in front of  a solid wall at home or at a family members place.  Stand facing the wall with back straight and arms down. Get near enough to wall to  where you can touch wall with just you your  fingertips as you raise both arms straight in front of you. Do not  move your back out of position, this will void and  not complete  test. After extending your arms to touch wall with fingertips, Again bend your arms fully back up to normal position. Now with your back not moving fold and extend once again. Your fingertips should never touch this wall again under normal condition. Anyone can take this test throughout their life and the results will be the same.      FCE 500/500  gives you all the  complete Info and tools to fully understand and manage this Universal process.(Please understand that throughout your life you are going to have people and resouces that will be against you moving forward.   It is highly important for you to stratigically plan, organize,prepare,stage and as well as visualize ahead as if  you all ready know something is coming in to block your way.



 We help you access the resources that enhance life.

(Free) indoor& garage wall shelf Storage solution design. (You Build): Cost at presented time and date is  from $150 to $400 per 20ft.system.(future cost will change), (Need: 2x4`s 8ft., Multiple calculated 4x8 plywood sheets. Several boxes (1) ¾/ (2)3/4 and (3inch steel screws). People seriously need to manage storage here’s a great solution:   Find an empty strong solid wall in garage or home with no or very little electrical wiring.  Need to be able to drill (1)3/4 to (3)1/2 steel screws securely into 2x4`s then into wall.  Plan your design 20ft. or 40ft.sections. Use 8ft & 4ft. sections (works best with 4x8`s). You need cordless drill or regular drill with extension cord. Fold open stand Ladders and one or two people to help. Use 2x4`s or larger as frame. Build each frame on floor then stand up. Make 4 small letter l`s with 4 2x4`s 8 ft. tall lined straight up in 2ft sections. Then come back with four or more 2x4`s making a Letter H shape starting at about one to two foot off ground coming opposite across all 2x4`s stopping at last section . You will need to build two exact connected letter H sections that are (equal) in 2x4 heights. These will be the shelf brackets that you will drill 1inch steel screws into side of 2x4. With help Connect one section securely, to solid wall first then connect other side with shelves fully across from bottom to top with someone helping you. Use 4x8 plywood as shelves for each sideways (2x4) use your desired 4x8 thickness. You can cut 4x8`s in 2ft sections or leave 4ft sections. Be sure to double up purchase of screws so that you have enough so that everything is bolted tight and secure for many years to come. Be sure to design for all of your safety and long-term storage needs.  (

(Free Ice Cream & Fruit Recipe:  People are looking for some good fruit and ice cream recipes.   Here’s a good one, Get your best premium vanilla  ice cream keep it good and frozen at all times.  Get the best freshest fruit cocktail that you can find. You will also need Cherries in a glass or plastic container. You`ll also need Premium Whip cream in canister.  This Dessert is a rewarding treat so it can be served at multiple occasions with many guests. You will need 2 ice-cream dippers one for the fruit cocktail and one for the ice cream. Use designer cups or small glasses to enhance the occasion. Now get ready to seriously serve professionally. With Tradition as each dish is separate out and ready. Ice Cream frozen and FC regular or at refrigerated temperature. With dipper put one scoop of FC with about (1/4 of its fruit juices into cup. Then apply one dipper of Ice cream on top of that. . You may need a little cup of hot water to keep IC dipper from sticking. Apply FC once again with (¼) of fruit juices (Then Ice cream again and add several rounds of whip cream at the top with one to three cherries on very top. For larger sizes. You will have to add extra dips.Excellent summer cool down treat.      

(Free Cook-out or fresh on the menu joke: Catch your Family, friends, & Neighbors off guard with this simple but quite funny rolled up joke. “Tickle their funny bones” Use a clean medium or large towel. In another secret location lay towel flat and begin rolling up equally from short ends (Not wide sides but shorter sides. Roll up together equally like two rolls. Bend in a U shape on arm. Flip Upside down pull tips out about an inch from each of 4 towel sections. Then pull each 2 opposite sides open. This resembles a dressed chicken or turkey. Show people and add a small simple clean gesture and the laughs are ON.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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